Student life and the budget constraints that result make cheap, easy food the go-to. So, is Paleo even a viable option for a college student? Absolutely! It's just a matter of being prepared and resisting temptation. The five tips below can serve as a guide for maintaining your Paleo diet through college.


Tip 1: Hit the grocery store. All students have a food budget, no matter how tight it may be. Commit to a weekly grocery shop for Paleo-friendly foods so that you will be prepared for the week ahead. You may need to get creative, like buying frozen vegetables to avoid costly food waste and to maximize your budget. Also, try shopping with specific meal plans in mind so that you know exactly how you will use the food items.


Tip 2: Eat breakfast. Sleep is the second most valued activities for college students. It is very easy to make a bleary-eyed trade-off between breakfast and an extra fifteen minutes of snooze time. However, there is much more on the line! Starting the day off with a great Paleo breakfast will put you on the right track for the rest of your day. By stepping out the door with your hunger satisfied, you will be able to resist that cheap-yet-filling muffin combo or the wafting aromas of pastries floating from the coffee shop to your lecture hall.


Tip 3: Pack a lunch and several snacks. Since you will have a kitchen full of Paleo meals from your weekly grocery run, take ten minutes before bed to put a lunch and a few snacks together for your long day on campus. Find out if you have access to a microwave and/or a refrigerator on campus. If not, you can always kick it old school with a trusty lunch box. Your friends will be envious when they are waiting in a long cafeteria line while you get to settle right in to your healthy, packed Paleo lunch.


Tip 4: Just say no. Another crucial aspect of college life is the freebie. Free pizza attracts flocks of students in mere moments. Or someone in your study group brings free donuts as fuel. Tempting as it may be to follow the crowd or politely indulge, just say no - particularly if you know that you will have post-eating regret. Reach into your bag and pull out a Paleo treat instead. Or, you could provide the freebie one day by bringing Paleo treats for your classmates to enjoy.


Tip 5: Eat before you go. Socializing is a vital aspect of college, right up there with studying. Your Paleo diet should not restrict you from hitting the social scene – just eat before you go and do not count on Paleo options being available at the pub or party. It is hard to be tempted when you are satisfied from a delicious Paleo meal, and you will also feel satisfied for thinking ahead and sticking with your Paleo plan.