Guest post by the D Goldman, Recipes 4 Survival blog.

We can all live the Recipes 4 Survival message to Cook More, Spend Less and Feel Better when you maintain basic staples in your home. This is the crux and foundation of Recipes 4 Survival. You’ll be prepared to take on anything. Staples in your cupboard is your arsenal.  You can be spontaneous, your creativity will sore and you’ll experience pure joy in the kitchen and maybe even share that with a friend or two.

With staples in the cupboards you’ll alleviate what I call supermarket ‘grasping’ shopping. You can better take advantage of supporting green markets and local farmers to pick up seasonal produce, which is often well priced. It’s also wise to buy grains & beans in bulk so you’re not paying for the packaging. It won’t take long before you see the economic, stress free benefits and how much better you feel when you cook for yourself. This certainly helps me feel better.

I urge you all to use organic ingredients whenever possible.  It is especially important with dairy products that they may be free of the RgBH hormone.

Please use this list within your means and space constraints.


Olive oil  – 1 bottle – Organic or first cold press, it’s best if it is in a dark bottle

Salt – Kosher and or sea

Peppercorns and a grinder


Baking powder & soda

Beans/Legumes – Chick peas,(Garbanzo), split peas, navy & kidney beans,



Cous Cous


Crunchies – sesame sticks,(honey glazed) potato, snap pea crisps

Dried fruit(s) – raisins


Oatmeal (flat rolled and or steal cut)

Pasta – Always use organic semolina/whole durum wheat – penne, fusilli spaghetti or angel hair, elbows are good for macaroni & cheese. Orzo is nice for salads and as a side dish. Vietnamese Rice Noodles are great. They cook in minutes and they are a wonderful substitute for wheat pasta


Popping corn


Rice – short grain brown, sushi grade and or Arborio for risotto,Basmati or Jasmine

Spices – Salt of D Earth, smoked paprika, thyme, cumin/curry powder, chili powder

Sugar – Turbinado or Organic evaporated cane juice


Tomato sauce and paste

Vanilla extract

Vegetarian dried broth


*Butter & Milk – I rarely cook with either but I’d say they are a basic staple for most of the civilized world.  I always have at least 1 stick of butter but only get milk if I know I’m going to need it.



Cheese – Parmesan is the only absolute staple when it comes to cheese for me.
are certainly strong standbys to have on hand.


Eggs – at least a half dozen

Flour – Unbleached All Purpose

Fruit – a lemon, an apple or two and an orange

Fruit juice – Apple cider

Garlic & Ginger root – Look for shiny skin

Hot sauce – Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce or Tabasco

Jam or Marmalade


Maple syrup

Mirin – sweet cooking rice wine

Mustard – Dijon

Nut butter



Potatoes – Sweet, Red bliss, Yukon Gold, fingerlings or russet

Tamari or soy sauce

Vinegar – Rice or Apple cider

Wine – Red and or white

Yogurt – whole milk


Ice – pac & cubes
Pie crusts


Beans – pinto, red kidney, lentils
Cheese – cottage, Cheddar, Swiss or Brie
Coconut milk
Cous Cous – Israeli
Dried fruits – cranberries, apricots, pineapple, mango
Fruit juice – apricot
Nuts – almonds, walnuts, pignoli/pinenuts
Outerbridges Sherry Peppers Sauce
Vegetarian baked beans
Sherry vinegar
White balsamic vinegar
Worcestershire sauce

I believe that with this list of staples you may never feel anxiety ridden by reading recipes and feeling like you just can’t get it together.  If you get used to cooking with just a few basic staples I believe you’ll be on a good path to realizing joy and power within sharing what you’ve cooked and how this will enrich your everyday way of life.

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