Monster candy is unique and tasty, especially if you are a fan of black liquorice. It looks creepy and cute, and is a lot of fun to make. With just pretzels, chocolate, marchmellows and liquorice, you can make this candy in under 15 minutes.



2 cups of pretzels smashed in plastic bag

2 cups of mini marshmallow

2 cups of melting chocolate

3 black licorice rods cut into thin 1½ pieces



1. Melt chocolate and add smashed pretzels, then mix until all ingredients are coated with chocolate.

2. Drop irregular spoonsful onto parchment or wax paper.

3. While still soft, stick licorice rods haphazardly into mounds of chocolate mixture.

4. Let cool and dry.

5. Stick 2 mini marshmallows anywhere on the chocolate mounds for eyes with a little melted chocolate.