6 cloves garlic, mashed and minced
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon Vinegar
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/2 cup olive oil
Lemon juice
Minced anchovy fillets


1. Mix all ingrdienst together in a food processor and chill before using.

Recipe courtesy of Stephanie Smith, Changing Tides Gift Shop, ACE Hardware, 2011.

There are several myths and legends about Caesar salad, but the most accepted is that it was invented in 1924 over the Fourth of July weekend by Caesar Cardini, an Italian born Mexican from Tijuana. It seems that he had run out of ingredients and made up the salad using what ingredients he had, and it became a big hit at his restaurant in Tijuana. After it traveled to Europe, some say because of Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson (mistress and ultimately wife of Prince Edward VIII of Wales, former King of England). In the 1930s, Caesar Salad was voted by the master chefs of the International Society of Epicures in Paris as the "greatest recipe to originate from the Americas in fifty years."

Julia Child even wrote about going to his restaurant and seeing the “show” that Caesar put on by making the salad tableside, using a coddled egg (boiled until creamy) and no anchovies. Most recipes, including this one from Stephanie Smith at Changing Tides Gift Shop, use anchovies, but the original Caesar did not have them and received its slightly “fishy” flavor from Worcestershire sauce. It is still popular and still good.

Making this dressing is easy if you have a food processor. All you do is add the ingredients and whisk it all together. What is also good about this dressing is that it can be made ahead and served when you want it. Just keep cool in the refrigerator until then.

Caesar Salad Dressing
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