1 butter pound cake (regular nine-inch loaf pan pound cake)
1 quart strawberry ice cream, softened
1 pint strawberries in sauce, frozen or fresh
1 pint fresh blueberries
1 can whipped cream or 1 container of whipped topping


1. Take pound cake and slice into thirds lengthwise.
2. Add softened ice cream to the bottom layer of pound cake, do same to the middle layer and place on top of the bottom layer. Place top layer of pound cake on top.
3. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap lengthwise and wrap with another piece widthwise.
4. Place in freezer for two to three hours.
5. When ready to use, remove from freezer for 10 minutes before slicing. Slice and serve with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream on top.

Fresh strawberries and whipped cream can be substituted if desired.

Recipe courtesy of Julie Geary, Classic Cooks Catering, 2012.

by Victoria Brown: “This recipe that we’re going to make is something that you can do when you have no time and you need something immediately” says Julie Geary of Classic Cooks Catering. "It’s all bought at the store, it’s very simple and if you need it this afternoon for your party you’re on.”

Geary’s strawberry ice cream cake only requires 5 ingredients – a butter pound cake, strawberry ice cream, frozen strawberries in syrup, blueberries and whipped cream. It’s not only quick and easy, it’s inexpensive too.

Preparation time is only 10 to 15 minutes, but you need to freeze the cake for four to five hours before serving so Geary suggests making it in the morning if you want to serve it that afternoon or evening.

Geary takes the butter pound cake and slices it lengthways into thirds. She spreads the bottom layer with strawberry ice cream which has been softened slightly so that it is easier to work with; “I came home from the grocery store with my ice cream and when I got home I put away my groceries and the ice cream was pretty much soft enough to go, but obviously if it was 95 degrees out you’d have to work a little quicker than that” explains Geary. “You don’t want it to get too soft because you are going to find that it’ll drip down the sides.”

She puts the middle layer of cake on top and repeats the process, creating another layer of strawberry ice cream and finally putting the top of the cake back on top. She wraps the cake in cling film and puts it in the freezer for the day.

When Geary is ready to serve, she takes the cake out and cuts it into slices about half an inch thick. She is going for a fourth of July theme – red, white and blue; she uses the defrosted strawberries in syrup as a sauce and decorates with blueberries and whipped cream.

Another great thing about this recipe is how versatile it is; “you could put any kind of ice cream you wanted in here,” says Geary, “it could be chocolate ice cream if you wanted or mint chocolate chip”. You could then change the condiments according to what you think would go with those flavors, for example, chocolate sauce in place of the strawberries in syrup, some grated chocolate or choc chips in place of blueberries, and perhaps some chopped nuts for crunch.

“For a summer party this is a great dessert and it goes a long way” says Geary. “You’ll probably spend 15 minutes altogether doing this, it’s the simplest dessert and it’s absolutely delicious. You have to try it.”

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake
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