This sauce is made with fresh squeezed lime juice and a little chili sauce, making it perfect for crab cakes or other shellfish, which are perfect for a summertime salad or sandwich. The original sauce is from the Provence region of southern France, where it is a popular accompaniment for fish, meats and vegetables.

A quick sauce for the crab cakes. Very, very simple.

I'm using a good quality mayonnaise, the kind that you like the best. I'm going to zest half of a lime, put it right into my bowl. This is a microplane. This is a great tool to have in the kitchen. You zest the lime in seconds. And the zest of the lime actually has so much more flavor than the lime itself. The smell of it is great. So that's about a half a lime. It goes right into my mayo.

Then I've rolled this lime a little bit to get the juices flowing because limes are a little tough.

The way I cut a lime is a little different. I cut it on the sides rather than down the middle. I feel like I get a lot more juice out of cutting it that way. So we get the juice from a half a lime.

Then I'm going to toss in, probably about one teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes.

I have three green onions-- scallions. I'm going to dice those really, really fine.

Now, this is just going to add a nice, little kind of onion-y crunch. But they're not super strong like a red onion or-- so you probably use-- you don't have to go all the way down. So you want to go down just till it starts to turn a light green.

And you can use the whole scallion, but I'm just going to use that much. So that's chopped up just like that. And that's going to get tossed right into your bowl.

Now I have seasoned rice wine vinegar. Now, when you're looking for this in the grocery store, you want to make sure that you get seasoned rice wine vinegar. Because unseasoned and seasoned taste very, very differently. Seasoned is a little sweeter, and that's what you're looking for with this sauce.

So I'm going to use about a quarter of a cup. And I'm just eyeballing that. Now you have everything in your bowl. We're just going to mix that around.

And then I'm just going to give it a little taste because you never know if you need just a little bit more lime. So I'm just going to taste it.

I'm going to add a little bit more lime. And that'll be perfect. So now I'm going to set this aside and have this done ahead of time before I cook my crab cakes. That way this is nice and cold in the refrigerator and you just have to pull it out and you're ready to go.

Aioli Shellfish Sauce
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