1 radish

1 pimento stuffed olive

1 ounce vodka (or gin)

1-2 drops of red food coloring (yellow or green if desired)


  1. Take the radish and cut off its green leaves.
  2. With a vegetable peeler or small knife, peel a thin sliver of the red skin off. Repeat this around the radish, pulling from the base to the tail end. The radish should look a little like zebra stripes now.
  3. With a small knife, scoop out a small code where the green leaves used to be. This creates a snug opening for the olive.
  4. Take the pimento stuffed olive, and place it into the radish hole. Cut off the part of the olive that is sticking out. Make sure that it is secure, if not, enlarge the hole. If the hole is too large, try fitting in a bigger olive.
  5. Place the “eyeball” in a martin glass, and pour in an ounce of your favorite liquor such as vodka or gin. For added effect, add a drop of food coloring to your vodka, such as red. This will make a bloody eyeball martini. Enjoy responsibly.

Create a bloody good drink in your cocktail lab this Halloween.  You will be surprised how easy it is to concoct this fun martini for the pleasure (or horror) of your guests.  All you need to create this Bloody Eyeball Martini Cocktail is a radish, a pimento stuffed olive, some food coloring and vodka.  Simply remove the greens from the radish and with a vegetable peeler, create zebra stripes on the radish by scoring grooves evenly spaced along the sides of the radish in a spoke-like fashion (five grooves looks best).  With a small knife at the stem end (not the tail end), scoop a hole large enough to fit half an olive snugly (you may have to adjust the size of the hole). Cut the olive in half evenly at the top of the radish, so that it looks like an eyeball. Place the “eyeball” in a martini glass and pour the vodka or gin over.  Add food coloring for effect, and watch the reaction.

Alien Eyeball Martini Cocktail
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