Insert corer directly into the center of the apple; twist with even pressure and lift up to remove the core. This may be done before or after the fruit has been cut.

Paring may be done before or after the apple is cut. However, it's more timesaving to peel the whole apple. Use a sharp knife, and with a slight side motion, cut the peel or skin away or "strip peel" the apple in a continuing spiral.

Rings or Circles:
Core and slice apples crosswise in any thickness, for half circles, halve apples from top to bottom before slicing crosswise.

Remove the core and cut each apple into eighths. Cut each eighth into bite-sized pieces or wedges.

Remove the core and cut apple into eighths. Cut eighths into elongated sticks, then cut each stick into 1/2-inch cubed pieces.

Halve the apple lengthwise and remove the core. Cut lengthwise into pieces or slices.

Cut apple in half lengthwise and then crosswise. Remove core, cut each quarter into three or four large-sized pieces.

Remove stem and blossom end of apple and core. Cut lengthwise through the apple and place half, core side down, on cutting board. Slice evenly lengthwise.

These Apple Preparation Tips describe the techniques used in recipes for preparing apples (such as slicing or coring).

Apple Preparation Tips
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