For potatoes:
6 red bliss potatoes
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon of dried oregano
2 (good sized) pinches of salt and pepper
For spinach:
1 10 to 16 ounce bag of spinach
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Pinch of salt and pepper
For fish:
2 haddock fillets (or other white fish)
Salt and pepper to taste
½ cup chicken stock
1 cup bread crumbs (Panko with butter or Ritz crackers without)
For sauce:
1/2 cup of heavy
3 quarter sticks of butter, room temperature and cubed
¼ cup honey
Juice of half a lemon
Pinch of salt and pepper


1.Turn oven to 400 degrees.
For potatoes:
1. Slice potatoes into wedges
2. Toss potatoes with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of dried oregano, and two good pinches of salt and pepper.
3. Put your potato wedges into a casserole dish or a sheet pan and roast in the oven at 400 degrees for 30-45 minutes, or until golden brown.
For fish:
1. On a sheet pan arrange your haddock fillets and sprinkle each fillet with a little salt and pepper.
2. Pour just enough chicken stock onto the pan to cover the bottom.
3. Cook in oven at about 350 to 400 degrees for five minutes.
4. After five minutes remove the fish and top it generously with breadcrumbs.
NOTE: You can use Ritz crackers which have a nice buttery flavor to them or what we do it the restaurant is melt about a half pound of butter and then mix it into Panko (Japanese style breadcrumbs) in a mixing bowl and add a pinch of salt and pepper.
5. Place fish with crumb coating back in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes until they are golden brown.
For sauce:
1. In a small saucepan on low heat add a ½ cup of heavy cream and 3/4 quarters of a pound of butter (room temperature and cubed).
2. While stirring, let the butter slowly start to melt. Note: If the butter heats up to high the butter will break and your sauce will be ruined.
3. Once the butter is almost melted add the honey, the lemon juice and a pinch of salt and pepper. Remove from heat.
For spinach:
1. Sautee spinach in a frying pan with olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.
2. Toss in the pan for about 1 minute.
3. When the spinach becomes moist turn off the heat. Be careful not to overcook the spinach.
Plate the potatoes, spinach and fish. Add some sauce to the top of the fish and around the plate as desired.
(Recipe courtesy of Executive Chef Jason Trimmins, Bistro 127, 2010.)

Baked Fish & Chips can be easily made at home and provides a healthier alternative to the fried version. The fish is baked in the oven with flavored breadcrumbs. It is accompanied with baked in the oven Greek style potato wedges and sauteed spinach.

What I'm gonna make now is a baked fish and chips, which is a bit of a play on a classic New England baked haddock. I'm gonna take a normal piece of baked haddock, bake it like I would with chicken stock, buttery bread crumbs. I'm gonna do an oven-roasted potato, with olive oil, oregano, and salt and pepper. It's a little bit of a Greek tradition that my grandma, the way she cooks her potatoes when she does the oven-roasted dishes. We're going to finish with a little sauteed spinach in a sweet buttery sauce.

All right, so first what you want to do is you want to take your potatoes. I like to use red bliss. You can use Yukon gold. I prefer red bliss. Take them. You want to cut them into a wedge form. Slice it one more time in the middle. You want to get your pan. You can use a casserole dish you have at home. Porcelain or glass, it doesn't really matter. But you're gonna need about probably two tablespoons of olive oil. I can eye that out. That's about two tablespoons, just enough so that they don't stick to the bottom and that they're all completely covered with oil.

You want to take your salt and pepper, which I already have pre-mixed, take about a good solid pinch, like I have here in my hand. It's about a tablespoon, roughly. And you wanna sprinkle it on top of the potatoes. Next, you want to take a dry oregano and do about the same amount that you just did with the salt, about a tablespoon, maybe a little less, and sprinkle that over the top. Mix the ingredients so you get all the seasoning mixed in there, all over the potatoes. And then they're ready for the oven. Pre-set your oven to about 400 degrees. If you cook them at about 300, they'll cook, but you won't get a nice roast on them. 400's about the ideal temperature.

Now, you want to cook the haddock by itself without the bread crumbs first, because the haddock takes longer to cook than the bread crumbs. So basically you want to do is you wanna get your haddock ready on the pan like this. I have a little chicken stock. And you just wanna get it on the pan. This helps the haddock stay moist when it's cooking, so it doesn't stick to the pan. And it gives it a nice flavor, too, which I like. That's all you need, just a little pinch of salt and pepper on top of the haddock, mixed with the chicken stock. And it'll give it a nice flavor, and the haddock will be nice and moist when it's finished cooking.

I have the potatoes already cooking at 400 degrees. At that type to temperature, 400 degrees, it shouldn't take more than three to five minutes to actually cook the haddock. And then you can add the bread crumbs. And it has about a minute left to cook. When I'm making the bread crumbs, I make them here with panko bread crumbs. And basically all I do is I melt a little butter and add them. Now, if you want to do this at home and you don't feel like doing this extra work, you can just buy a Ritz cracker or something else that already has a buttery taste to it or buttery flavor, and you can just use that. But here, what I do is I just take about a cup worth of panko bread crumbs. I melt some butter in a pan. And I mix them together in a mixing bowl. A little bit of lemon, salt, and pepper.

Next, we're going to be cooking our vegetable side of the dish. We're gonna do sauteed spinach with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, very basic, nice and light to go with your baked fish and chips. So you want to start your pan here on about medium to medium-high heat. Want to add a little bit of olive oil-- about a tablespoon, I'd say. All right, once that pan gets nice and warm, you want to take your spinach, throw it right in there. Take your salt and pepper, take a nice pinch. Just sprinkle it over the top. Just going to add salt and pepper to everything, just to give it some flavor. You always have to season your food. That's one of the first things I learned cooking, was to season everything. Always season with salt and pepper.

I'm using a Teflon pan, so I want to use a rubber spatula. Never want to use metal on a Teflon pan. You just want to kind of move the spinach around. Doesn't take very long to cook. Only takes about a minute or two. Kind of want to push it around the pan, with a circular motion. Kind of want to get the spinach that's on the bottom on to the top. Then once you get it so it's all moist, absorbing that oil, letting out the liquid that the spinach retains, do a quick flip. And it's done, just like that. And that's what you want your finished product to look like.

You don't want to cook it too much, because then it'll get soggy and it'll start to fall apart, because it's gonna keep cooking. Right now, it's still cooking. The pan is still hot, and still gonna keep cooking for about another minute or so. So right there is perfect. All right, our final step in the recipe for the baked fish and chips is the sweet butter sauce. First thing you want to do is you want to add your heavy cream, about a 1/4 cup. You want to heat your heavy cream, but you don't want it to start boiling.

So once you got the cream warming up, you add your cubed, room-temperature butter into it, about a half-pound pound of butter. And you want to slowly stir the butter over the heat. If you start to see what looks like clarified butter-- you know, like a clear butter-- that means that it's too hot and that you're cooking at too high heat and that the sauce is gonna break. You want a light yellow.

Right here, I have a half-cup of honey. But I'm not gonna add the whole thing, because that's going to make it too sweet. So I'm gonna do about 1/4. I'm gonna do a half of this, which is a 1/4 cup. You want to slowly stir that in. And then to finish it off, pinch of salt and pepper. Some people like to put a little bit of citrus in it, too. Take a lemon wedge or a half a lemon and squeeze it right in there. It's not gonna hurt the consistency of it. It's just gonna give it a nice citrus flavor.

So a lot of people like lemon with their haddock. My grandmother loves lemon with her haddock. So you can either serve your haddock with a lemon wedge, or you can squeeze lemon juice right into the butter sauce, do it that way. Either way. So that's the consistency right there for your button sauce, that you want.

I try to keep everything at the middle of the plate. I try to stay away from the sides. I try to build up from the middle. So the first thing I'm gonna put on the plate is the potatoes. Next thing you're gonna want to add is your sauteed spinach. You wanna push all the spinach up to the very top of the pan, kind of squeeze a little bit of that moisture out of there, because a lot of water's released, plus the olive oil that it was cooked in. Scoop it right out of the pan with your rubber spatula.

And what I like to do is, I told you, I like to keep everything nice and tight right in the middle of the plate, kind of stack it high. So what I do is I take the haddock. I place it right on top of the potatoes and the spinach, slide it right off there with my thumb. Slowly pull the spatula out from under. You wanna give your butter sauce a nice stir so that it hasn't settled. Sometimes the honey has a tendency to settle down in the bottom, because it's heavier than the other liquids.

So give it a stir so it's all nice. You get all the flavors all together. That's still a really nice consistency right there. The butter hasn't broken. And that's how you know that you've taken it off the heat at a proper time. And you can slowly go around your baked haddock. I take a ladle at work. If you don't have a ladle at home, you can use a small spoon. Get a little bit on there. That's how you're gonna want your finished product to look.

Baked Fish & Chips
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