When the weather gets cold in Maine, beer enthusiast and creator of the unique and informative beer blog "If My Coasters Could Talk," Chad Lothian finds himself cooking meals in the crockpot more often than not. When the cold northern winds of Maine howl, one of his “Go To” meals is chili. Rich and hearty, a bowl of Lothian's steaming Moose Chili needs a hearty beer to stand up to the chili's bold flavors. 

Lothian prefers a porter or a stout for such an occasion. Shipyards Blue Fin Stout, is a chocolate and roasted barley malt made with four types of hops; Warrior, Cascade, Tettnang, and Goldings. When combined these hops create a rich, dry roasted finish with hints of caramel.  This classic irish stout is sure to compliment many foods, especially chili. 

Says Lothian, "I find this roasty, malty beer works well with the flavors in the chili and will help tame the heat if you got a little crazy with the spices." 

Enhance the pairing even further by adding a cup or two of the beer you’re pairing with to the chili recipe. This will help the flavors of the chili meld well with the flavors in your beer, making each sip better than the last. 

For more of Chad Lothian's beer pairings and his beer pairing advertures, read his blog, "If My Coasters Could Talk."


Beer Pairing: Stout
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