Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds (cleaned and raw)
seasonings (i.e. garlic, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, allspice)


1. Boil pumpkin seeds in salted water for about 20 to 30 minutes.
2. Place seeds in oiled baking sheet and season as desired.
3. Roast in a 250 degree F. oven for about one hour, stirring two or three times.

Recipe courtesy of Tony Bettencourt, 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar, 2011.
Are you the type that is afraid to decorate pumpkins because you consider it messy or even dangerous? There are still options for you to enjoy this creative activity with your kids. No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas are kid-safe, creative, and will get your kids excited about pumpkin decorating without all the mess.

What could be more fun for a kid than to decorate a pumpkin with candy? Not only will they be able to eat some of the decorations as you put the pumpkin together but there is the chance for them to learn how to transform a plain pumpkin into a character.

In this video Chef Antonio Bettencourt of 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar decided to make a “goofy little witch” with his kids - Marco and Serena. First you make the hat by cutting out a hole in the center of a round piece of paper. Next outline the facial features with a pencil. You then use a candy corn for her nose, pipe cleaners and a Dot candy for each eye and black licorice for her hair. For the mouth you use small white marshmallows for her teeth and a red pipe cleaner for the tongue.

Just remember to tell the kids not to take the candy off of the pumpkin because it will have glue on it. You can put a bowl of candy next to it to avoid the temptation.This video was filmed in the Kitchen Showroom at the Building Center in Gloucester, MA. You can obtain more information at their web site;

Today, we're working on Halloween pumpkins. And this here is our basic carved jack-o'-lantern. But now, we're going to work on one that doesn't need any cutting whatsoever. And the kids will definitely love this one.

This one is made with candy. We need a little bit of glue, a couple of colored pipe cleaners, and a little bit of paper. And we're going to make me a goofy little witch.

First, we need to make the witch's hat. So we just have a piece of paper that we're going cut into a round. And that'll be the hat.

We want to draw the face. And we draw a nice oval mouth. And then we're going to just mark the spot for the eyes and mark the spot for the nose.

We're going to put a little glue, like a large area for the eyes, just like that. And put a candy corn right there for the nose.

And right now, we're going to make the eyes. So these are the eyeballs. We want to pretty much use our finger and just spiral it around your finger with a pipe cleaner. See that? The pipe cleaners are nice because they hold their shape.

And then this is the eyeball with the candy. So that's what we've got right there. And now we're got to glue it to the face. And we will just have to hold it a little bit. But so far, that's one of the eyes.

So now we'll pick a different color pipe cleaner for the other eye. This time we'll pick blue. Why don't you give me one of the eyeballs, Marco?

Just test it with the candy. And this candy is pretty cool because I'm pretty sure it glows in the dark. So that will make it extra spooky.

Two eyes and a candy corn nose. Put some more glue on the top. Some black licorice as the hair.

The licorice is actually pretty great because it's flat on one side. So that's the side that you want to glue to the top. Put it right on. Yep, right there.

And there's our hat. And of course, the stem is the top of the hat. So now we've got to work on the mouth. You have the hair.

Now for the mouth, we'll use a black magic marker. We're just going to draw a nice round mouth. And now we're going to use marshmallows for the teeth.

We have the little marshmallows, a little glue on the side. I'm just going to stick it right to the outline of the mouth with a nice, big, goofy smile.

Daddy, remember don't you eat them because they have glue on them.

I won't eat them. That's right. Good job. Marco's telling us not to eat them because they have glue on there. As much as you might want to eat--

You don't want to get sick.

You don't want to get sick. For the remainder of the mouth, you could fill it in with just some black paint. But we're going to actually make a little tongue, a red tongue here.

I'm just going to fold up the pipe cleaner. So I just folded it up, folded it onto itself like that. And I gave it a little bit of shape.

So I'm just going to test it out. Pluck it in there. It's got to go right off to side.

So there we have it. Our goofy jack-o-lantern, made with candy and pipe cleaners. And now the kids can eat the candy without the glue.

Candy Decorated Pumpkin
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