.5lbs Black patent malt
.5lbs Carifoam malt
1lb Dark roasted malt
.5lbs Crystal 77
.5lbs Dark Crystal
Nugget ( beginning of boil)
Nugget (end of boil) 
Cream Ale yeast
Specialty Ingredients:
Cacao Nibs 3oz (30 min into boil)
Sweet Wild Cherries 40oz ( 4 bags frozen)
2 bags with 20min left in boil
2 bags with 10min left in boil
Organic cherry juice 64oz (2 bottles)
1 bottle 10min left in boil
1 bottle end of boil
Recipe courtesy of T.J. Peckham and Tom Ryan, Deadliest Batch Live, 2010



This porter is made with cherries and cocoa. Porter got its name from a drink in 18th century London called “three threads,” which was a combination of ale, beer and twopenny (the strongest beer, costing two pence a quart) About 1730 a brewer called Harwood made a single beer called Entire which recreated the flavor of "three threads", and which became known as "porter".

Cherry Poppin Porter
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