A bowl of tempered chocolate
Rice Crispies

Silicon Spatula


1. Toss whatever you’d like into your bowl of chocolate - nuts, fruit, Rice Krispies, (approximately 40% mixer to 60% chocolate)
2. Fold in gently, and spread an even layer on parchment paper. 
3. Drag your fingers through the surface to make a design, but also to make sure its fairly uniform in thickness. 
4. As this sets up, you may cut with a knife into small pieces, or wait until it fully hardens and break it up by hand.

Recipe courtesy of Hallie Baker, Turtle Alley Chocolates, 2009



One of the easiest things to do with tempered chocolate is to make a simple bark. You can make it with anything you like, such as nuts, dried fruit, Rice Krispies, etc. This recipe uses the Rice Krispies. Feel free to break up the finished sheet of bark by hand.

The countertop you do this on is important.  To cool the bark evenly, a stone countertop or a marble board is optimum.  Even simulated stone counters are better than other materials.

Chocolate Bark with Rice Krispies
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