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Many party shops have chocolate pop molds. To make your own pops, find the appropriate mold for your event, and simply scoop your tempered chocolate into each cavity. A little less to fill the cavity is better than overfilling.


Today we're going to make chocolate pops using tempered chocolate, a silicone spatula to keep it agitated, a chocolate pop mold, chocolate pop sticks, and in ice cream scoop.

The mold is made out of plastic and you can find them in most party stores, as well as the pop sticks. These are all things that are easier and easier to find.

One thing about making chocolate pops in a mold is you often need less chocolate in the mold than you think. It's easy to overflow them. And when you do, then you have a little bit more work than you actually need to be doing.

So we're just gonna stir this chocolate around. Make sure it's the right texture. And it's looking lovely. So we can go right into the next step, which is the ice cream scoop.

Again, a little less chocolate than you think is necessary.

And if you want to put sticks in it, make sure you're not filling the mold across the stick. You don't want chocolate on your sticks.

And while you're filling the mold-- just to make sure you're getting close with the right amount of volume of chocolate in the molds-- you can move the mold gently side to side. And it will flatten out. And you can see whether you've got enough chocolate in there.

Once the cavities have been filled, you're going to rap it on your countertop a few times. As you can see, there are air bubbles that are forming. So we want to get rid of those. And this best way to do that is just by giving them a good rap.

When you're getting ready to put the pop sticks in, make sure your hands are clean. You don't want to get fingerprints on your pop sticks. And instead of just laying them in the mold, I put them in and then I roll them slightly so that the whole stick gets covered.

If the whole stick gets covered in the chocolate, they're more likely to stay in the chocolate as people are eating them. So that's really what a chocolate pop is.

And all we're going to do at this point is let them sit in a cool place for about 20 minutes. If you don't have 20 minutes, you can set them on the counter for 15 minutes and then throw them in your freezer for three or four minutes tops and they'll easily release from the mold.

And that's how to make a chocolate pop.

So here's our finished product. We've made some pops. We've released them from the molds. And they have a little bit of overfill on some of them. So at this point we just want to trim them down.

Most people wouldn't mind if they had a little bit more chocolate that they had to eat. But after you make all the effort you them to looks nice. So just give them a little trim. Just make them look a little bit more uniform.

A light touch is best when doing this.

And that's about it. These are ready to be wrapped and eaten at any point in time. So you've done just another chocolate thing, which is chocolate pops.

After you've made your pops and trimmed them down, if you'd like to serve them with a wrapper so folks can bring them home, you can buy bags like this at almost any party store also.

They're like a favor bag. Cellophane is best. And you just slide them in.

And tie with a ribbon. Just a simple bow will do what you need. And there it is. A chocolate pop.


Chocolate Pops
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