1 (6-ounce) can flaked crabmeat, drained
1 ripe avocado, peeled, seeded, and chopped
3 cups torn romaine lettuce leaves
1 cup watercress
1 cup fresh basil leaves, shredded
1 cup croutons
1/2 cup peeled and sliced English cucumber
1 (8-ounce) container plain yogurt
1 tablespoon Dijon-style mustard
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill or 1 teaspoon dried dill
Salt and pepper to taste
Alfalfa sprouts or daikon radish sprouts for garnish, optional


1. In a large bowl, toss together the crabmeat, avocado, romaine, watercress, basil, croutons and cucumber.
2. In a small bowl, stir together yogurt, mustard and dill. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle over salad, toss to coat. Serve on individual plates, garnished with alfalfa sprouts or radish sprouts, if desired.

Recipe Courtesy of Freida's, The Specialty Produce People.

This salad could also be made with a can of drained tuna or leftover cooked white fish fillets, flaked with a fork.

Crab Salad With Yogurt-Herb Dressing
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