1 container hummus (any brand)
5 slices slivered almonds (or pumpkin seeds)


  1. Take the carrots and cut them at the base. How much you chop off will depend on how deep your hummus dish is. 
  2. Take one sliver of almond (or pumpkin seed) and dip it in the hummus and “glue” on top of the carrot, like a nail.
  3. Place the “finger” in the hummus. If it falls over, cut more so that it stands up on its own. 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the remaining four carrots. Arrange the carrots like a hand, with 4 finders together and one (thumb) separate. Look at your own hand for guidance.
  5. Place as centerpiece and creep out your guests with hummus.

Our Mystery Chef is on hand for another spooky mission, bringing a Creepy Carrot Hand to the boneyard party to set the stage for our Halloween appetites.  Your guests will marvel at the almond adorned carrots dipped in hummus – they may even be afraid to eat them.

Simply spooky, these creepy hands are fun and easy.  Just take five purple carrots (or orange if purple is not available), cut ends off to create a finger size of choice, “glue” almond slice or pumpkin seed onto top of “finger” with hummus (you might want to find a thicker carrot for the thumb), and arrange the “fingers” in the hummus in a creative creepy way.  You might want to put the humorous hummus in a pumpkin or cauldron for effect.  Be creative with your centerpiece, and stand back and watch the expression on your guests!

Creepy Carrot Hand and Hummus
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