About 1/3 of 1 egg white
1/3 cup sugar
12 large fresh mint leaves, cleaned and dried, or 12 pink or red rose petals


1. In a bowl, beat the egg white lightly with a fork to loosen and liquefy it. Spread the sugar on a cookie sheet. Line another cookie sheet with plastic wrap.
2. Dip the mint leaves or the rose petals one at a time in the egg white, and then run your finger over both sides to remove most of the white. (The leaves or petals should be wet but not heavily coated with the egg white.) Lay each leaf or petal flat in the sugar and sprinkle some of the surrounding sugar on top. Press firmly with your fingers so the sugar covers the surface totally and adheres.
3. Transfer the coated leaves or petals to the cookie sheet lined with plastic, and set them aside to dry at room temperature. Discard any leftover egg white and sugar. When the sugar has dried and crystallized on the leaves or petals, store them at room temperature in a metal or plastic container with a tight lid. They will keep for up to a week.

These leaves and petals provide a special decorative tough to cakes, ice cream (Jacques Pepin’s Caramel Cups With Coffee Frozen Yogurt – see link) or custard.

Crystallized Mint Leaves and Rose Petals
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