Fenway Park Lobster Roll
1/4 pound lobster meat, chilled
1 tablespoon mayonnaise (Hellman's)
juice of one quarter lemon
1 teaspoon small dice celery
pinch each fresh parsley and tarragon, chopped fine
salt and pepper
unsalted butter
New England-style hotdog roll


1. Mix first six ingredients.
2. Butter then toast the bun until golden on all sides.
3. Fill with cold lobster salad.
4. Finish with a little finely chopped chives.

Nookie has a degree in economics, and then went to culinary school. He started out at Casa Blanca with Ana Sortun, and returned to help her open Oleana after an eight-month break to tour Europe and North Africa with his wife. I asked him the easy question of what cuisine he loved the most on that trip, which elicited a description of a wonderful sandwich in a Moroccan marketplace that Ana Sortun would be proud of: the vendor split a ciabatta-like bread, mashed some warm potato in a bowl, peeled a hard-boiled egg and mashed that in, too. Then he added olive oil, salt, pepper and cumin. The vendor mashed all together and pressed it into the bread. Who knows? With Ron and Nookie at Fenway, there might come a day when I'm eating that sandwich in the grandstands.

Fenway Park Lobster Roll
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