Turkey Burgers


Red Bell Peppers




Roasted Potatoes


1. Begin by starting the grill and getting it to a medium heat.

2. Slice potatoes in half, and season with salt and pepper.

3. Using olive oil, salt and pepper, season the potatoes.  Wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil, and place them on the grill for 40 minutes.

4. Using a chefs knife, slice the mushrooms, peppers and onions into chunks to fit on skewers. 

5. Slice the end of the husks off the corn, and place them on the grill.  Cook until the husk is charred, or until the kernels are soft on the inside.

6. Carefully place the vegetables on the skewers and set them on the grill.

7. Place the turkey burgers on the grill and cook to desired temperature. 

8. When cooked, remove the corn and season with salt and olive oil.

9. Slice a watermelon and serve on the side.

When the neighborhood grills are ignited and corn is in bloom, what better way is there to enjoy the summer days than with a delicious barbeque? This time, a surprise Mystery Chef popped up at the park to prepare a fantastic summer meal. 

On a sunny Vermont day, our own Pop-Up Mystery Chef surprised park dwellers when she arrived to prepare turkey burgers, watermelon, corn and kebobs right in the park. The bright, vibrant colors of fresh peppers, onions and mushrooms are a perfect choice for kabobs or skewers and compliment the burgers perfectly. With fewer calories and less fat than a hamburger, a turkey burger is also a great option to satisfy your summer craving. Paired with the fresh vegetable kabobs, roasted potatoes and watermelon, this is a healthy and delicious meal family and friends alike will love.

One thing to keep in mind this summer: a Mystery Chef could be anywhere at any time, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Mystery Chef Logo at food events all around the country!

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