8 whole hotdogs (or frankfurters)
3 tablespoons ketchup
4 slices baby Swiss cheese


  1. Cut the hotdog into two even pieces.
  2. From the natural end (not the newly severed end) scoop out a little off the top, making an indentation resembling a nail.
  3. Place a little ketchup into that indentation; spread it out so that it looks like nail polish.
  4. Cut the Swiss cheese slice into four long, even pieces.  Roll each slice around the base of the hotdog, the severed part, not the nail end.
  5. Repeat this with all of the hotdogs, making fingers and arranging them on a plate in a circular fashion.
  6. With a ketchup-filled plastic syringe (or a small table spoon) brush the severed end of the hotdog with ketchup, to simulate blood. Happy Halloween.


Our Mystery Chef has been working late in the lab to create the latest offering for the Halloween boneyard party – Franken-Fingers.  A simple recipe of hot dogs, Swiss cheese and ketchup, this finger food will be a horribly wonderful hit with your guests. 

It’s simple:  Cut 8 hot dogs in half evenly.  Make an indentation similar to a fingernail in each natural (uncut) end, and put a little ketchup in the indentation, so that it looks like nail polish.  Cut 4 slices of baby Swiss cheese into four long even slices (will become bandages), and roll each slice around the cut end of the hot dogs.  Arrange the hot dogs on a place in a spoke-like fashion, nail side out.  With a plastic syringe, pastry gun or small spoon, decorate the cut end of the hotdogs with ketchup.

Decorate your table, and have a bloody good time!

Franken-Fingers: Edible Severed Fingers
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