1 hass avocado
2 tablespoon avocado puree (avocado and lemon juice emulsion)
1 cup king crab meat
1/4 cup shaved fennel
Pinch of scallions
Pinch of chives
1 large lettuce leaf
1 teaspoon lemon oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons Passion fruit vinaigrette

Crispy wontons
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Remove the pit from the avocado, as well as removing the avocado from its skin using either a spoon, or your hands.
2. Grill the avocado until it begins to soften, and the fat caramelizes.
3. Smear avocado puree on the plate before placing down the avocado.
4. Place the lettuce leaf on the avocado, retaining the small cup shape in the middle.
5. Remove tendons and/or bones from the crab meat, and mix the meat with fennel, scallions, chives, lemon juice, lemon oil, salt and pepper.
6. Place the mixture on top of the lettuce leaf, and garnish with micro greens.
7. Drizzle Passion fruit sauce on the plate, and add wontons on the side for scooping

Use fresh avocado and crab meat to make this dish extra special and delicious!

Note: You may substitute any type of crab you prefer for the king crab meat.

Recipe courtesy of Jeff Cala of Latitude 43, Gloucester, MA, 2012.

This grilled avocado salad prepared by Jeff Cala is perfect for summertime. The light ingredients such as avocado, micro greens, and crispy wontons are paired perfectly with king crab meat. King crab has a sweeter flavor, and like many of Cala's recipes, it can be substituted for your favorite crab meat, or whatever may be in season. This recipe blends simple home cooking, with an upscale plate presentation that tastes as delicious as it looks.

The type of avocados that Jeff recommends you use for this recipe are Haas avocados. Hass avocados were named after Rudoulph Hass, the first person accredited with growing and distributing this specific kind of avocado. This particular plant was initially harvested in Southern California and is known for its ability to change from a dark-green color to an almost black color when ripe. Don't be fooled though, the color won't always aid in determining if an avocado is ripe. The best way to determine if an avocado is ripe is by administering pressure; if the avocado gives to firm, yet gentle pressure, it is ready to be eaten.

With such a beautiful presentation you might think this dish will take hours to prepare but this dish is incredibly easy to prepare. Layered from the bottom up, there is avocado puree topped with a grilled avocado, with fresh greens and crab meat being held in "a little natural cup", as Cala describes where the pit once fit in the avocado. To garnish the plate, Jeff adds a mixture of micro greens. The greens Cala uses is a mixture of bulls blood, cilantro, and alfalfa. Micro greens are lettuces and mustards that are picked at just a few weeks old, when they are still very tender.

Grilled Avocado Salad
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