6 to 8 portabella caps with stems removed
30 ounces canola oil
10 ounces balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons chopped garlic
3 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons black pepper


1. With a spoon remove and clean Portobello stem and gills. In a large bowl add garlic, canola oil, balsamic, garlic, salt and pepper.
2. With whisk, mix all ingredients until incorporated. Add cleaned mushroom caps and submerge till covered. Let marinate for 24 to 48 hours in refrigerator.
3. Pull caps when needed, cook on grill or in a sauté pan for 3 minutes on each side.

Recipe courtesy of Andy Varela, Maitland Mountain Farm, 2012.

Chef and farmer Andy Varela of Maitland Mountain Farm thinks that marinating portobello mushrooms is a handy ingredient to keep in your refrigerator. They taste great, are healthy and can be put on a grill as a great addition to salads or as a condiment on hamburgers or other sandwiches. They can also be eaten as a simple side dish. Varela also recommends serving with vinaigrette such as his own fresh herb vinaigrette.

Before grilling, Varela suggests that you marinate the mushrooms for 24 to 48 hours by keeping them sealed in the refrigerator. That way you can pull them out whenever you need them, especially for grilling.

When you do grill them, remove the excess oil to avoid unnecessary flaming. You do not have to season them any more than they already are. “What you are looking for is a nice grilled, charred flavor to the mushrooms,” according to Varela. Grill for three to four minutes on each side until you get the grill marks and browning. “The more of a grill mark you have, the more of that charred and grilled flavor you are going to have on your mushroom.”

You know when they are done when they reduce in size and loose some of their moisture. Take them off the grill, let rest as you would a steak and come down in temperature and slice on the bias into strips.

Portobellos are older Criminis mushrooms and have a meatier taste and texture. They are the largest of the cultivated mushrooms and the caps can be six inches wide. The stems are thick and can be cooked and eaten along with the caps.

To help maintain their quality, refrigerate portobellos as soon as you can. If you store them in paper bags instead of plastic it is better. A plastic bag retains too much moisture.

Marinated mushroom. We're going to take it out of the marinade. We're going to scrape off just a little bit of that oil. We don't need it all for that grill. They're already seasoned with salt and pepper. And you're going to simply thrown on the grill. What that's going to do is add a nice grill char flavor to the mushroom. So I can take a couple mushrooms. Again, just release it a little bit.

So we're going to let those cook for about three to four minutes on each side. What you're looking for is a nice, dark grill mark color. So the more of a grill mark you have, the more of that grill flavor you're going to have on your mushroom. We'll check them out and see how they're doing. They definitely need a little more time. A couple minutes on each side.

You smell the flavors of the garlic, the oil, the balsamic coming out. And you now see some beautiful grill marks on the mushrooms. Very beautiful. Excellent, simple way to do it. So we're going to do another couple minutes on this side. And you can tell when they're cooked. The mushrooms will start condensing in size and losing some of their moisture.

Take these off. Let them rest, like you would a steak-- come down in temperature a little bit. So we're going to chop our mushrooms. And these are very hot. And slice them on the bias. It adds a little more of a texture element to the mushroom. So from here, we're going to throw them all together. Let them cool down on a plate a little. We're going to take our vinaigrettes and drizzle them right over our mushrooms as a dipping sauce.

So let's taste our grilled, marinated portobello mushroom with our herb vinaigrette. Excellent. You still get that nice bite of the mushroom. The texture is excellent. With that herb vinaigrette, it really sets off an excellent flavor with that balsamic, oil marinated mushroom.

Another great thing you can do is we have our salad here. And to add a little-- to bulk your salad up-- add a little interesting element to it. We can do the same thing where we take our marinated mushrooms, and we can put them on our salad. And there you have it. It Makes a little more of a substantial salad, you will. And adds an interesting flavor.

So you could put the marinaded mushrooms on a salad. You can pair it with sauteed spinach. They might take a little time in advance to prepare them. You have to marinate them for 24 to 48 hours. But once you marinate them, they're a very easygoing thing to use. You can pull the mushrooms as needed, put them on your grill pan, in a saute pan, or even eat them just marinated. They make a great component for salad or even a nice chicken dish. Or even an appetizer if you have friends over.

So next you're at the grocery store, pick up your mushrooms, marinate them, keep them your fridge. Pull them as you need them. They're a delicious thing to have at home and to utilize when you need them. So enjoy your mushrooms, and thank you very much.

Grilled Portobellos
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