Rudolph and Friends Display:

1 recipe Reindeer Fudge Cake Pops

Styrofoam or florist foam

Tissue paper

Cotton or quilt batting

Bourbon Balls Gifts:

1 recipe Kentucky Bourbon Balls with Maker’s Mark

decorative container

Rudolph and friends display:

1.    Depending on how many reindeer you plan to make, choose size of Styrofoam or florist foam to hold the chosen number of pops.

2.    Build your artificial snow by placing tissue paper and cotton or quilt batting on top of the foam to create a snow bank effect.

3.    Insert the reindeer sticks into the foam in a pleasing display. 

Bourbon Balls Gifts

Place waxed paper, decorative paper, or saran wrap in a decorative container. Add bourbon balls (pack loosely) and cover tightly to store.  Bourbon balls with different toppings are most appealing.

It’s snowing outside, there is holiday excitement in the air, and we really want our home and table to reflect the magic of the season.  Creating this atmosphere can sometimes be a challenge, as sometimes it’s easier to drag out tired decorations and recipes.  Mystery Chef has a tonic for your seasonal decorating ailment with new ideas to make you smile and revive your senses of the season. 

You and your children can share the fun of creating a snow bank with Mystery Chef’s chocolate pops of Rudolph and his hooved friends (see our recipe).  Nothing is better than finding out how creative you are as you build this holiday scene. Have whimsical fun with your reindeer faces! Perhaps Santa is close by.

Another great holiday idea is this time saving idea for adult gift giving: Mystery Chef’s recipe for bourbon balls (see our recipe) in decorative containers.  These cookies will keep quite a while, so they are perfect for gifts.  Nestle them in fancy gift boxes, tins or any other creative container ideas for a stress-free offering.  Your grateful recipient will also enjoy the soothing flavor of fine bourbon, chocolate and vanilla.

Happy Holidays!

Ideas courtesy of Cook123

Holiday Food Gift and Decorating Ideas
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