½ ounce Kahlua
½ ounce Frangelico
½ ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream
½ cup coffee, warm or hot
1 large spoonful whipped cream
½ spoonful shaved chocolate


1. If you are dipping the tops of your glasses with Kahlua and brown sugar, do so one hour before mixing drinks.
2. Add Kahlua, Frangelico and Bailey’s into the serving glass.
3. Add coffee and mix.
4. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Sheree DeLorenzo, Seaport Grille, 2009.

You can heat up these cold winter nights with this warm drink that is truly international. It combines Kahlua (a coffee flavored liqueur from Mexico), Frangelico (a hazelnut flavored liqueur from Italy) and Bailey’s Irish Cream (a combination of Irish whiskey and cream). Add a flavorful and rustic looking touch when serving by dipping the tops of your glass into a shallow bowl of Kahlua and then brown sugar. Let harden before using. If you are serving these drinks at a party remember to prepare the number of glasses you will need about an hour before hand.

Today, we have an international coffee drink for you. I am a food and beverage manager. My background and my favorite part of food and beverage is beverage.

I started out as a bartender with my dad when I was young. My dad's name was Dan Grant, and he bartended his whole life. And he taught me the ins and outs of tending bar. It really is an art form.

And I'd like to start out by showing you a coffee. So we have a half a cup of Kahlua here, and we have brown sugar. There's no measurements. You don't have to measure these ingredients. Just put them in a little bowl like this.

And you're going to dip your glass right into the Kahlua. And then you're going to take it, and you're going to rim it with the brown sugar. And you can put as much or as little brown sugar on the rim as you like. You can keep on doing it. And what's going to happen is after an hour, your brown sugar and Kahlua are going to harden on the rim, and it's going to make a beautiful coating for your coffee drink.

So here we go. Here is a nice glass. And it's great when the Kahlua and the brown sugar drip down the glass. It makes it really rustic, like a rustic drink. And I have one of those glasses already done for you. And it's hardened.

The brown sugar is hardened with the Kahlua, and you can see. I happen to like it when I serve the guests this messy glass, because I think it's really artistic, you know. But you certainly can have a neat glass like this, and that's how you can do your coffee drink if you don't like this way.

So I'm going to start out with three liquors. Our first liquor is Kahlua. It's from Mexico. It's a coffee brandy from Mexico. It's a delicious coffee brandy.

Everybody knows Kahlua-- Kahlua sombreros, Kahlua White Russians. I would even like Kahlua and soda. Kahlua's a nice drink.

Then we have Bailey's. It's a cream liqueur. And this is from Ireland. And then I have Frangelico. Frangelico is a hazelnut liqueur that comes from Italy.

Frangelico is a drink that mostly is used as an after dinner drink. The Italians like it after dinner with their espresso. It's delicious.

So I'm going to start out here by taking my Kahlua. And we do a three count. So one, two, three, that is a half a shot.

So it's going to be a half a shot of each liquor going right into this glass. So we're going to go one, two, three, and that's our Kahlua. One, two, three, and that's our Bailey's. And one, two, three, that's our Frangelico.

So as you can see, I'm not over-pouring a drink here. That's a perfect shot for the coffee we're going to put in to this glass. You always want to put your liquor in first at room temperature because then you won't break the glass with the coffee. That's a little trick.

Take your coffee, and pour it 3/4 of the way up the glass. There we go. Now, I'm going to take fresh whipped cream, and we're going to dollop this right onto the coffee, the hot coffee.

And it's going to melt in. Oh my golly, is this delicious. On a cold day, 27 degrees, how good is this to have a nice hot coffee drink with fresh whipped cream?

OK, this is shaved chocolate, good chocolate, Belgian chocolate. And we're going to take shaved chocolate, which we shaved from a candy bar, which you can do at home, and we're going to sprinkle that right on the top for garnish. And if you want, you can take just a few sprinkles.

So we're going to take a napkin, put it right under your drink, serve a straw, and it's all set to go for your guests. So here is a beautiful coffee drink with the rimmed brown sugar and Kahlua, Frangelico, Irish Bailey's cream, and you're all set to go. Enjoy.

Ching, ching. Enjoy. Cheers.

International Coffee
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