2 bunches large green onions (about 10)
12 ounces fresh white mushrooms, sliced 1/2-inch thick
2 medium yellow and/or green bell peppers, cut in 1 1/2-inch squares
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon dark sesame oil
4 large cloves garlic, finely chopped (about 4 teaspoons)
2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted, divided
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper


1. Prepare outdoor grill, placing grill rack 5 inches from heat or preheat broiler. Cut white parts of green onions into 1 1/2-inch pieces. Trim and finely chop enough of the greens to make 1/4 cup; set aside for later use. Thread mushrooms onto skewers so they will lie flat on the grill, alternating with scallion whites and bell pepper squares, threaded crosswise.
2. Arrange skewers in a baking dish. In a small bowl, whisk together soy sauce, sugar, oil, garlic, 1 tablespoon of the sesame seeds and the black pepper. Pour marinade over skewers; turn to coat all sides; cover and marinate 30 minutes or up to 2 hours, turning once.
3. Place skewers on grill or broiler pan; grill or broil, brushing often with marinade, until mushrooms are tender and vegetables are browned, about 3 to 5 minutes per side. Sprinkle with reserved chopped scallion greens and remaining 1 tablespoon sesame seeds; serve hot or at room temperature.
To toast sesame seeds, place seeds in a skillet; cook and stir over moderate heat until golden.
Korean Style Fresh Mushro
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