1 cup confectionersí sugar
? cup almonds
1 recipe pastry cream


In a saucepan, mix sugar and almonds. Place on medium heat and cook, stirring constantly, until the sugar starts to melt. Since there is no liquid in the mixture, it will take a few minutes. However, as soon as it melts, it will turn rapidly into caramel. This method produces a very hard and tight caramel.

As soon as it turns into caramel, pour the mixture onto an oiled marble or an oiled tray. When cold, break into pieces and blend into a powder in a food processor or blender. (This may be made ahead of time and stored in Tupperware)

Fold into the pastry cream mixture.
This is a variation on pastry cream (see link). It has powdered almond and sugar added to the cream and is used in the traditional Paris-Brest dessert (see link).
Praline Cream
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