1. Take a piping bag with no tip, just a coupler, and put skin colored frosting inside the bag. You are going to pipe on Santa’s face. Pipe on Santa’s face by applying pressure and squeezing the bag and releasing.
2. Using your off-set spatula, smooth the frosting over the top (like a mushroom) and then use your off-set spatula to scrape the frosting around the sides to get a clean frosted cupcake.
3. Using your piping bag with red colored frosting and a #5 tip to make Santa’s hat. Start to the right or left and push the bag to the side that you are starting on.
4. Using your bag with white frosting, pipe on the rim of Santa’s hat using your #5 tip. You are making pearls by applying pressure, cut down and break bag away from frosting.
5. Use the same technique to make Santa’s beard, but push more frosting out of the bag.
6. Create a small bag with your parchment paper and pour your melted chocolate into the bag. Cut off the tip. Squeeze out a little chocolate for Santa’s eyes and mouth.
7. Use your recycled skin colored frosting to pipe on Santa’s nice and whiskers. For his whiskers, apply pressure and pull bag out. Courtesy of Kelly Delaney, Cakes for Occasions, 2010.

The last in the series of special Christmas cupcakes is considered by Kelly Delaney of Cakes for Occasions to be the favorite of kids everywhere - a Santa Face cupcake.

Now, we're ready to make the advanced cupcake, the Santa-faced cupcake. Watch this video and you'll just see step by step, I'm going to break it down and you too are going to be able to make this.

So with Santa, we need to start now with his face. We're going to take a color frosting that just looks regular skin color frosting, a bag with no tip, and we're going to pipe the frosting right on top. It goes right over the whole thing.

The trick is to get the whole thing and cover it with Santa's face. We're going to smooth the frosting right over the cupcake.

You've got your frosting. And now, we're going to cut the frosting right off. You can also use this extra frosting that I'm taking off and you use it onto other cupcakes.

The next thing we're going to do is we're to pipe on his hat. A number five tip is a great tip to use and to have. It works for everything.

So you're going to start, not in the middle of your cupcake, you're going to start either to the right or to left, whatever you feel more comfortable. I'm going to start to the left. I'm going to pipe his head.

I going to do it again. Start at the left and as I'm pushing, I'm moving my tip and my frosting.

The next thing we're going to want to do is we're going to pipe on his beard. You're going to take your bag. In this case, I'm going to use a another five tip.

You're going to start by piping the rim of his hat and then you're going to add his beard. Because if you think about his hat being on top of him, it goes down. and his hair kind of pops up over his side up to his ears.

So that's why you want to start at the top. And in this case, we'll go on the bottom afterwards.

So you're going to pipe on his rim. Piping the rim is piping individual pearls. So as you're applying pressure, you're going to apply pressure and you're going to cut it down in order to get that pearl shape. Apply pressure and then take your tip and cut it down. And as you go, you're going to end up seeing the effect that you get.

I'll try it again on this side. You're going to apply pressure and then cut it down. Apply pressure and cut it down. You literally break away from the frosting as you go.

Now, we're going to do his beard. Same tip, we're just going to add more pressure. And then in decorating it's all about the pressure that you use in your bag.

So this time we're going to add more and we're going to go like that. See how I ended up using the exact same tip, but I made his beard look puffier just by the amount of pressure that I'm applying.

This is a round tip, also known as a peal tip. Very, very popular in cake decorating. It can be used for borders. It can be used for piping shells. It can be used for piping just about anything that you need.

Now, we're going to be making his eyes. Using the exact same tip again, is we're going to pipe on his eyes just right below his hat. And they don't come up as high as the rim because his face is kind of tucked back into the cupcake. So we're going to pop it right there so it's below the rim.

Now, I'm going to stop and put this bag down. And I'm going to be doing his nose next. And his nose is just one small little dab, one small little dab of frosting.

Go back to the white bag and these are his whiskers. And when you pipe the whiskers, you're going to apply pressure, pull out, and then away.

I'll do it again. Apply pressure, pull out, and away. Apply pressure, out, and away.

Now, what makes Santa really come to life are eyes, his eyes and his mouth. I like to use chocolate. I just take regular melting chocolate, I put it in a ban-marie, which is otherwise known as a water bath, and I heat up the chocolate to melt it.

I put it right into a cone here shaped, it's really made out of a parchment paper, in order to pipe. And then you're going to take it and you're just going to pipe on his eyes, one eye, two eye, and then his mouth.

I'll do it again. One eye, two eyes, and then on his mouth.

What kid is not going to love, for that matter yet, an adult is not going to love a Santa-faced cupcake. It looks like you just went to a store and you got these. And you actually did them yourself.

Real simple, real easy, follow the steps. Take your time when you're doing it and they'll come out just like this.

Santa Face Cupcakes
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