1. Take a piping bag with no tip, just a coupler, and put skin colored frosting inside the bag. You are going to pipe on Santa’s face. Pipe on Santa’s face by applying pressure and squeezing the bag and releasing.
2. Using your off-set spatula, smooth the frosting over the top (like a mushroom) and then use your off-set spatula to scrape the frosting around the sides to get a clean frosted cupcake.
3. Using your piping bag with red colored frosting and a #5 tip to make Santa’s hat. Start to the right or left and push the bag to the side that you are starting on.
4. Using your bag with white frosting, pipe on the rim of Santa’s hat using your #5 tip. You are making pearls by applying pressure, cut down and break bag away from frosting.
5. Use the same technique to make Santa’s beard, but push more frosting out of the bag.
6. Create a small bag with your parchment paper and pour your melted chocolate into the bag. Cut off the tip. Squeeze out a little chocolate for Santa’s eyes and mouth.
7. Use your recycled skin colored frosting to pipe on Santa’s nice and whiskers. For his whiskers, apply pressure and pull bag out. Courtesy of Kelly Delaney, Cakes for Occasions, 2010.

The last in the series of special Christmas cupcakes is considered by Kelly Delaney of Cakes for Occasions to be the favorite of kids everywhere - a Santa Face cupcake.

Santa Face Cupcakes
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