2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup whole grape tomatoes
2 cups halved grape tomatoes
3 tablespoons roasted garlic
5 tablespoons chopped garlic
1/4 cup chopped red peppers
Dash of chili pepper flakes  (or as desired)
1/2 cup white wine
4 tablespoons butter, cubed
1 cup shrimp
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Heat sauté pan and sauté whole tomatoes until softened.
2. Add halved tomatoes until well heated.
3. Sautee shrimp until they are cooked.
4. Add garlic, chili pepper flakes, wine, butter, salt and pepper and heat.

Serve over linguine garnish with fresh chopped basil.


Recipe courtesy of  Sheree Delorenzo, the Seaport Grille, 2011.

Sheree DeLorenzo does a new version of Seaport Grille's most popular selling dish. Meaning "hurry hurry," it takes very little time and she will show you the basics and how to improvise with it yourself.

The secret to this dish is that it takes almost no time to make and you can improvise to your heart's content. Just be careful how you cook the shrimp because it is easy to overcook them. Grape tomatoes are preferred because they hold together in bite sized pieces so you get that fresh tomato taste without making a tomato sauce.

As added attraction, which is optional, is roasted garlic, which you can easily make yourself. Just take a full head or bulb of garlic, cover it generously with olive oil and wrap tightly in aluminum foil. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F. for about 1 hour and fifteen minutes.

This dish is called sciue-sciue. And sciue-sciue, in Italian, means quick, quick, hurry, hurry, fast, fast. Sciue-sciue, shoo, shoo.

So first of all, I have a piece of tin foil here. I have a whole garlic. I just throw a little olive oil right on this. That's all I do.

I wrap it up in a bundle like this. So you can see it's like a bundle. That's it. And I put it in the oven for about an hour and 15 minutes on 350.

And this is the roasted garlic cloves when it comes out of the oven. And we're going to start our saute pan. There we go.

I'm going to run the pan with olive oil. And that's probably two tablespoons of olive oil. Our next step is to take the whole grape tomatoes. We're going to blister the skin. And we're going to put that right into our sizzling pan. You can hear the sizzle.

There's a little bit of water in the tomatoes. But that's OK Let them blister. They're turning, actually, a different color. But you let this go. And you can actually give them a little burnt taste if you like. But I think these are great the way they are.

My next step is I took the grape tomato and I just cut it right in half. And we're going to add about two cups of sliced tomatoes right into the pan. You can make this in fine minutes at home at night.

It's fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients, which is nice. So I'm sauteing this on a really high heat. I'm just getting all the water out and all the juices of the tomatoes.

This is diced red pepper. And you can add as much or as little as you like. It just gives it a nice little crunchy feel to the sauce. So there we go. We're just going to saute that for a little bit right down. I can smell this already. It's making a nice, beautiful sauce.

I'm going to take the shrimp. These are small shrimp. These are 30/40 size shrimp. It means 30, 40 to a pound. So that's how many shrimp would be here per pound. I'm not going to add this whole thing. I'm just going to add about a cup of shrimp.

You would only have to buy a quarter of a pound for this dish. And the nice thing about the shrimp is you know when it's cooked. It turns pink. And the color is going to turn any minute. Shrimp cooks very fast, especially this size.

What I'd like to do is just add a little salt and pepper. So I'm just going to do a little pepper to the tomatoes, and some salt, as you can see. Not too much salt, because we have shrimp in there. The shrimp can be a little salty. So we're going to stir that right up into the tomatoes.

As you can see, we have a nice sauce going in here. The tomatoes are breaking up. And it's giving us a nice sauce for the pasta.

This is the roasted garlic that is nice and sweet. So I'm putting about three tablespoons of roasted garlic. I'm just going to give that a quick stir to the sciue-sciue, quick, quick, quick, quick. And we're going to add a couple of tablespoons of raw garlic. And this is going to give it a nice bite.

I'm going to add a little wine just to give it some flavor. This is white wine. I could even add red to this dish. So we have a nice sauce going, as you can see. This is going to be delicious all over the pasta with the shrimp.

Our next ingredient is going to be red pepper flakes. This is very spicy and hot. And it gives it a bite. I like to take this and rub it in my hands, because it takes the oils out of it and it makes it more fragrant. So I'm going to take this in my hands and rub it right into our dish. I'm going to take one more.

So here it goes. We're stirring this up. I can smell it already.

This dish calls for fresh basil at the end. I'm just taking off the leaves. So I'm going to take all of these leaves right here. And I'm just going to do a rough chop. You don't even have to do a dice. Just do a rough chop here.

There's a nice rough chop that was so easy to do. This is done. I'm just going to add a couple of cubes of butter just to give it a nice sheen at the end. That's going to melt through. And we're ready to plate.

Going to plate the sciue-sciue. So we have some drained pasta here. We're going to just put that right into our bowl.

Here's our sciue-sciue sauce. That looks delicious. Now, you saw how easy this was. And you have the smell, the smell of the basil, and the tomatoes, and the shrimp. It's phenomenal.

I'm going to serve this and take a bite for you, my favorite part of the show. So here's some shrimp I have here and some pasta. And I want to get some nice sauce on top of it with the garlic. That looks so good with the fresh basil. And you can smell-- the whole house smells like garlic and basil. I love it.

There we go. I'm going to get a perfect bite here. Let me get that perfect bite. Wait a minute. Hold on. I'm going to get a piece of tomato-- got it-- a piece of garlic, some basil, and I'll get the shrimp. Here we go. All right, this is the perfect bite. Ready? Let's try it.

Oh, my golly. So delicious with the pasta. Easy for your family. If you don't want to make a gravy all day, or a sauce all day long, you can make this quick, fresh ingredients for the summertime. It's phenomenal.

So here we go. Ching ching, bang bang. Cheers to you. I love it. Make this at home and you're going to enjoy it. Cheers.

Sciue Sciue Pasta
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