This is an attractive cake to make for fun, a birthday or any event during the winter months. You can have kids help or at least decorate it as well.

So do you have a birthday that you'd like to celebrate this winter? You want to do something different, you want to do something fun? How about a great sledding cake. This is a doll pan buy Wilton. You've probably seen them in craft stores with the cute little dolls up on top. And they're for girls, and they're really pretty.

Well, I came up with another way to use this. This is going to become our hill for our sledding party for our cake. I baked a cake in here. And what we're going to do is we're going to take it out of the pan. So I'm going to remove this dowel, I'm going to take my circle, put it on top of the pan, and I'm going to flip it. And that's how we're going to get to cake out in one piece, just like that.

This is a real tall cake, obviously, so we're going to want to cut this into three pieces. So that way when the kids go to eat it, every one has filling inside. So we take our serrated knife, and we're going to cut it into thirds. At the bottom we're going to cut right across. Try to keep it as even as possible, and then another slice right up on top, just like that.

Now a trick is, since this cake is on a wheel and it moved, and you're going to be taking this cake off here, you're going to want to make sure that the piece goes directly right on top of where it's supposed to go. So you're going to want to try to remove this without moving the wheel. So the wheel stays straight and then the cake goes to the side.

You're going to take your frosting and you're going to fill it into the slice. Hold your thumb on the board and on the wheel. That way you know where your place is, you don't move the cake. You're going to spread it right around. Don't worry about making a mess at this point, because what we're doing is we're basing the cake.

Very much like a primer when you're painting, and you have to put it on the walls so the other color doesn't bleed through, the same applies when you're decorating a cake with frosting. We're going to take the other pieces, and we're going to put it right back on top, just like that.

Now I take my third layer, and I take that off. And I fill this with frosting as well, just like that. You can cut this into four pieces too, if you like. And this goes right back on top, just like that. Now you can move it all around. Now you don't have any worries. Now we're going to get ready and we're going to base this cake.

So we've got our frosting seeping out, and we're going to go through and using our offset spatula, and we're going to put the frosting all around the case just like that, spinning the wheel as you move the frosting around. We're going to add a little bit more on top, and we're going to skim coat this.

This gets skim coated. So what we're going to do is it's going to seal the chocolate pieces. I don't know how many of you have ever-- when you're trying to decorate a cake and a lot of people will say to me, geez Tina, how do you make it so there's no crumbs whatsoever? It always looks perfect. Well the hint is a skim coat.

So as we put our frosting here, all the chocolate pieces are going to stay. And then we're going to pop it in the refrigerator. And then when we take it out, and we put another layer of frosting over it, it ready to go. And you won't have any chocolate pieces, I promise you.

So our cake has been in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, and it's been chilling so the frosting is ready to go. So we've got our skim coat, and we're going to add a little bit more. Because we did this, any chocolate pieces that you may have had are going to be staying on the frosting, and they're not going to be coming out, and you will not see them.

This is a sledding hill that we're making. So we're frosting the whole thing. And what I'm going to do is I'm holding my spatula in one spot, and just literally splitting the wheel. I'm not doing any work, the wheel is doing it all. And then I'm slowly just bringing my spatula up just a little bit, every time the wheel goes around. Just like that to make my hill.

We're going to put some coconut on this cake. We're going to put some sledding paths on this cake, and we're going to put some little sledding guys on here. So we're going to start off with the paths. You're going to take your offset, and you're literally just going to-- with no rhyme or reason, we're just going to go right down the hill, just like this.

I feel like I need to make it a little bit less dramatic of a hill, so I'm adding a little bit more frosting, just like that. Right up the side. We'll do another one on this side. And this one will have a little pattern to it. We'll have it curve a little bit, just like that. It comes right down.

Now, we're going to add snow to our board as well. So we're going to need a little frosting, and we're just going to need to apply a little frosting just around the board. It almost looks like you're making a mess, but you need to do this in order for your coconut to adhere. Just like that.

You've got your white coconut, and we're going to put it right onto our board, just like that. And then we're just going to spread it out, just a little bit. The coconut's going to go everywhere at first, but that's OK. We're going to pick it up afterwards.

Sometimes people, when you're decorating, you're trying not to make a mess as you're going. Just let it go, don't worry about it. You can make your mess and then we can always clean up afterwards. Just like that. Now we need a little coconut on top. And we're just going to sprinkle it right down the hill. And then do it on the backside, right down the hill.

Now you can use some great candy when you're making this cake. You can also use those little miniature dolls if you have them, If you want to have little people sledding down the hill. What I did was I actually used some candy and some frosting, and I made little sleds and little toboggan ready to go down the hill.

So we've got our cake ready. We've got our penguins, and we have our snowmen, and we have our little winter bears all ready to have a sledding party. We're going to take our little guys, and we're going to put them right on to the cake. We're going to push them right in as if they're sledding down the hill, just like so.

They can kind of be flying out of the snow bank. Some could have made it already down. We've got little bears. Just like that, and we'll spin it right around and put them right on to the cake. And there you go.

There you have the most adorable sledding cake for any birthday party, for any reason. This is a lot of fun. Kids at home can help you make this. You could use whatever you'd like to add as garnish, but most of all just have to add a lot of fun.

Sledding Cake
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