Tools Needed: Cupcakes, Buttercream, Food Coloring (to color your buttercream), melting chocolate (chocolate and white chocolate), scissors, off-set spatula, piping bags & tips (see notes below for specific tip numbers), and parchment paper.


Steps to Decorate a Snowmen Cupcakes

Cupcakes-make from scratch with a recipe you find or buy a box of mix from grocery store.
Buttercream , melting chocolate, parchment paper, and  food coloring -use recipe or buy frosting at a grocery store, food coloring colors to use include orange, green, and yellow (but use your favorite colors if you like) , melting chocolate and parchment paper can be purchased at the grocery store. Scissors, off-set spatula, piping bags and tips-purchase at any crafts store.

Snowmen Cupcakes

Making White Chocolate Bark for Snowman to Stand Against

1. The first step is making some white chocolate bark out of melting chocolate because the snowmen need to lean against something and the bark needs to set in the fridge so it hardens.  To make the bark, you first need to create a small bag to pipe the white chocolate out of. You can make this bag out of parchment paper.
2. Cut a piece of parchment paper in the shape of a triangle. Hold the pointy part to your belly and bring the right side down to your belly and then fold the other side to form the back. Where the pieces meet at your fingers, fold the top over and seal like an envelope.
3. Melt your chocolate. You can do this over a ban marie, which is a water bath, which will simmer the water and not burn the chocolate. The chocolate will melt even. Tip: You can use a microwave to melt your chocolate but be careful not to burn the chocolate. You want to set the microwave in increments of 10 seconds and stop it to stir the white chocolate.
4. Fill your parchment bag with your melted white chocolate and cut a pencil tip size hole at the bottom of the bag.
5. On a separate piece of parchment paper, pipe out your white chocolate moving the bag back and forth so the white chocolate crosses over each other but leave some spaces in between.
6. Put in fridge and let set for 30 minutes and then you have your white chocolate bark that your snowman will stand against.

Making the Snowman’s Arms

7. The next step is making the snowman’s arms out of chocolate. Create another parchment bag like in the steps above and melt your chocolate like in steps above.
8. Fill your parchment bag with the melted chocolate. Tip: You don’t need as much chocolate in your bag this time to make the arms. It’s hard to do fine work with chocolate, like making stick arms, when your parchment bag is too full. Once your bag is filled, fold over the top and slice bottom of bag like a needle head.
9. On a separate piece of parchment paper, draw a thin line down with the chocolate and then a “v” with the chocolate right over the line you drew. It doesn’t matter how long the line is because it will be tucked into the body of the snowman. Tip: Figure out how many arms you’ll need depending on how many snowmen cupcakes you are making and then make extra because you may break a few along the way. It happens!
10. Put your chocolate arms in the fridge to set for 30 minutes.

Time to Make the Snowman’s Body

11. Once your white chocolate and chocolate pieces are chilled from the fridge, it’s time to make your snowman body.
12. Take your pastry bag and fill it with vanilla buttercream. Pipe a base of “snow” for the snowman to sit right around in a circle on the top of your cupcake.
13. Break off a piece of your white chocolate bark and stick it 2/3 of the way into the back of the cupcake. Now the snowman has something to stand against, the white chocolate bark will help to prop the snowman up.
14. Take your pastry bag and make the first ball of your snowman right up against your white chocolate bark. You are going to pipe individual balls, working your way up, starting large and then getting smaller for the head. You are not using a tip on your bag to make this first snowballs, just the coupler. Pipe your next snowball, just a bit smaller, on top of the first one.
15. For your last snowball, the head of the snowman, you are going to use a #8 tip, which is round. It’s smaller and a good size for piping your snowman’s head on.
16. Once you have your snowman’s body, it’s time to accessorize with a scarf and hat. Take your green colored buttercream bag (or whatever color you select) and go around the top and middle snowball like a tie for the scarf.
17. To make the snowman’s hat, you are going to use your yellow buttercream (or whatever color you select) and a #3 tip, which is slightly smaller than the tip you used for the snowman’s head, to make a floppy hat. Pipe onto the head and release and pull up.
18. Time to put your arms into your snowman. Tip: Use your off-set spatula to peel the chocolate arms off of the parchment paper. Also, don’t hold the arms too long. They are fragile and can break easily. Stick an arm into each side of the middle snowball.
19. Using your chocolate bag, apply a little pressure to pipe two eyes onto the snowman’s face and dots for a mouth.
20. Using your orange bag and a #3 tip, pipe on a little carrot nose right in the middle of the snowman’s face.

Enjoy your snowmen cupcakes!

Recipe and instructions courtesy of Kelley Delaney, Cakes For Occasions, 2011.

Cake decorator Kelly Delaney of Cakes for Occasions once again makes the winter a little more fun and tasty with these cupcakes topped with a snowman. For this recipe you will need cupcakes, butter cream frosting, food coloring (to color your butter cream), melting chocolate (chocolate and white chocolate), scissors, an offset spatula, piping bags & tips, and parchment paper.

The cupcakes can be made from scratch with a recipe you find, or buy a box of mix from the grocery store. For the butter cream you can use a recipe or buy frosting at a grocery store. The food coloring colors to use include orange, green, and yellow (but use your favorite colors if you like). The melting chocolate, parchment paper, and food coloring can be purchased at the grocery store. The scissors, off-set spatula, piping bags and tips can be purchased at any crafts store.

Hi. It's January. It's bitter cold outside. And we're about to do something real fun. We're going to make some fantastic snowman cupcakes.

First, we're going to need to do a little bit of prep before we get started. You're gong to start with one end, and you're going to fold it over to the corner here. Then you're going to take the other side. You're going to bring it around the back. So you grab it with both hands, and you're going to move it in so it closes up and it makes a seal.

I'm going to fill the white chocolate into my parchment bag. I melted my white chocolate over a bain-marie, which is basically a water bath. You want to be careful when you're melting chocolate that you don't overheat it. So you could do it in a microwave, but it's always best to do it over a bain-marie.

I filled the white chocolate inside my bag. And now I'm just folding it over, so when I apply pressure to it, the white chocolate comes out the end, not the top.

I'm going to take my scissors, and I'm going to cut a hole. The size of this hole should be about the size of a pencil tip.

Now, what I'm about to make is called white chocolate bark, so that the snowman stands up straight. We're going to take our white chocolate, and I'm going to actually make lines up and down on a piece of parchment paper, just like this, up and down. I go one way. And then I'm going to go another way.

Now I need to fill in these areas, so I'm going to go back again at a slight angle. And you just basically keep going back and forth so you're covering the whole area, but you also leave it so you can see through it just a bit. This can be used for any type of garnish-- but as I mentioned, we're going to be using this on our cupcakes-- that we're going to pop into the refrigerator. And we're going to let it chill for about 1/2 hour.

So next, we're going to actually make the arms of the snowman. So I'm going to take my chocolate, and I'm going to fill it into the bag. Now this time when you're filling it in, you don't need to use as much, because it becomes a little bit more difficult to do some fine work when your bag is too full. Now I'm going to fold over my bag, and I'm going to seal it.

Going to take my scissors and this time just cut a little, almost the size of a needle. Each snowman has two arms. If you're going to be doing a dozen snowmen, do 24 arms. But just do about, maybe, five more to six more, just in case they break.

Pipe a line. And then we're going to do a V right in the middle. Now, it doesn't matter how long your line is, because your line is going to be tucked into the snowman body. You just want to make it so that you can hold it.

After you make all your arms, you're going to pop these in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, too, so they're going to chill.

Now we have everything that we need to make our snowmen. Our white chocolate has chilled in the refrigerator. And our chocolate arms are ready to be used. So we're going to take our pastry bag, and we're going up pipe onto our cupcake. We're going to pipe the base of the snow.

It's just going to go right around the cupcake. We'll do it on the other one, as well. Pipe it right around the cupcake.

And what I did is I went ahead and I cut the bark, just into large pieces, just like this. So we're going to take the bark, and we're going to push it into the backside of the cupcake. Take the other piece. Push it right in, just like that.

Then we're going to take our pastry bag that we have with buttercream, and we're going to make three snowballs. Pipe the first round of buttercream on the base, so he's leaning right up against the white chocolate. And then to the other side, same size.

Then we're going to do one more, this one a little bit smaller than the other side. Now if you've noticed, I haven't used a tip on my pastry bag. I've actually just used the coupling. This is perfect, because we wanted to have a bigger-size base for the snowman.

I have with me a number 8 tip. I'm going to use this for the head. We'll attach that right on. And then we're going to pipe his head. We need to put a scarf on him. We're going to use the bag. And we're going to go around his head. And I'm going to have this scarf come right down as if it's a tie.

Now we're going to pop on his hat. We've got the yellow bag. This is actually a number 3 tip. So you're going to pipe, right, just like that, and have a little floppy hat.

I'm going to take our arms that we had , that are made out of chocolate. I'm going to use an offset spatula, just to lift it up. You want to make sure that you don't have the chocolate in your hands too, too long. Because remember how we made them really thin and fragile? We did that, because we want them to look great. But because of that, you can't hold onto them too long, because they will melt in your fingers.

Now, what we're going to want do is we're going to want to pipe on the eyes and the mouth. So we're just going to apply pressure, and pipe a piece of chocolate for the eye. A couple of different ways you can do the mouth. I like to do little tiny dots just across, so they kind of look like little stones that you would use outside.

We have an orange bag. And we're going to use this for the carrot. This is a number 3 tip. Right in the middle, we're going to pipe a carrot nose.

And there's your snowman. Have fun.

Snowman Cupcakes
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