Tools Needed: Cake, egg shaped pan, made by Wilton, Buttercream, food coloring (we’re using brown, green, orange, red, and blue) off-set spatula, piping bags & tips (see notes below for specific tip numbers)
Cake-make from scratch with a recipe you find or buy a box of mix from grocery store.
Buttercream, Serrated Knife, Cake wheel and/or plate-use recipe or buy frosting at a grocery store, purchase serrated knife, cake wheel and/or plate. Wilton egg shaped, off-set spatula, piping bags and tips-purchase at any crafts store.


1. You are going to bake your cake in an egg shaped pan, made by Wilton that you can find at a crafts store.
2. Once your cake is baked and cooled, cut off the top of the cake with a serrated knife so it’s even.
3. Take plate invert your cake onto the plate.
4. Move your cake to the top of the plate to leave room for an inscription.
5. Remove the pan, the cake should slide out easily.
6. Using brown colored buttercream (you could also use chocolate buttercream), on top of the cake and use your off-set spatula to spread the frosting around. Tip: Go slow and be careful not to pull up any of your cake.
7. You need to even your frosting out. Using your off-set spatula an at angle, move the wheel or plate so your frosting moves around and evens out.
8. Bring your frosting up from the bottom to the top of the cake so it looks larger.
9. To put some grass around the base of your football, grab your green colored buttercream and you’ll need a #233 tip, it’s a flat tip that has a lot of holes in it.
10. Apply pressure to your bag, and pipe the grass going all around the base of the football. Apply pressure and gently pull away, not break away, so that the grass looks natural.
11. To pipe the lacing on the top of your football cake, grab your white buttercream and a #4 tip. First pipe 5 thin vertical lines across the top of the football for the seams and then pipe a thin line for the stitching at either end of the seams.
12. Since this cake is for the Super Bowl, we’re going to use our orange colored buttercream and pipe on the Super Bowl number (XLIV) right onto the front of the cake. You can also write “Super Bowl” above the number in white buttercream for more decoration.
13. And, for fun, use your favorite team’s colors, in buttercream  write their name on the empty spot you left on your plate.
14. Have fun and enjoy the game!
Instructions courtesy of Kelly Delaney, Cakes for Occasions, 2010.

This is a good excuse to just eat cake while watching the Sper Bowl. In any case, you can decorate this cake to look like a football and add a super bowl logo or the logo from your favorite team.

Super Bowl's coming up right around the corner. What a better way to celebrate than having some friends over, watching the Super Bowl, and you making a cake right at home that your friends are going to absolutely love? This is an egg pan sold by Wilton. And for today's sake, we're going to actually turn it into a football cake.

So we baked off our cake into our egg pan. We're going to cut the top off, removing the excess. And we're going to take our cake plate, and we're going to invert our football right on top. I'm going to put my cake towards the back of the plate. So that way, it leaves me enough room for an inscription on the plate.

I'm going to remove the lid. And I'm going to take my football, and I'm going to frost it. Now, this is so easy, you're going to love it. You're going to take some chocolate buttercream, or even better yet, even if you wanted to do brown buttercream.

No need to cut the cake. You're just going to take your frosting, and you're going to put it right on top. The color's going to look just like the leather of the football.

We're going to apply the frosting right over the football, taking our time, spreading it so it doesn't fall down. As you're decorating it and as you're spreading it, you want to be careful that you don't take any of the cake up with the frosting. But the great thing is were using brown, so it does cover a lot.

Now we're going to have to even this frosting out. So with our offset at an angle, I'm going to just move the wheel so it spins the cake just like so. And then I'm going to slowly go up and around to try to remove all excess frosting.

One last thing you're going to want to do before we get going and we start decorating is we're going to come up to the top of the football, giving it the height that it needs to have, just up like that. This gives the appearance of the cake being larger if you bring the frosting up than if you cut it across like we did initially.

Don't worry about getting the frosting onto the plate at this point. Because we're going to actually end up covering that with grass. I'm going to show you how to do that next.

You're going to take your green frosting-- And this tip is actually number 233. If you look closely, you're going to see that it's a tip that's flat, that has a bunch of holes on top. So I call it the grass tip.

And that's used to make the grass for this cake we're going to do. If you're piping something that needs to have hair, this could also be a hair tip. And if you're piping something like a corn stalk for the fall, this becomes a great tip to use.

So we're going to take our frosting and our grass tip, and we're going to pipe out our grass right along the base of the football. And what I'm doing is I'm applying pressure, and I'm letting the grass fall naturally. And I'm just pulling it away rather than breaking it away so it doesn't give a flat top. You want it to look natural coming up, just like that.

I'm going to go right around the cake. Oftentimes at a Super Bowl, we all get caught up when we're having pizza and chips and sodas and beers. And we all love to have a little bit of cake. Kids are going to like this. And all your guests are going to love it as well.

We have one more thing we need to do to finish this football. We need to pipe the lacing on the top. So the lacing, we're going to be using a white bag with a number 4 tip. And we're going to make the straps, or little finger laces, that go along this way on the football. And then we're going to pipe the line, which is the seam of the football, coming down.

So right in the middle, we're just going to pipe just like that, right across. I'm going to do five seams, or five finger marks, right across. And then, now I'm going to pipe my stitching. It goes right down the middle. So there's our football.

Now we're going to add our inscription. So we're going to pipe our "Super Bowl," the logo, right on top. So you've got an X. We have an L, an I, and a V. And above it, we're going to write in "Super Bowl."

There we go. Everyone's going to love this. And you will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Super Bowl Football Cake
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