12 large pretzel rods
12 slices slivered almonds
1 package white melting chocolate


1. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave, 15 seconds at a time until smooth consistency.

2. Add green food coloring to the melted chocolate. When dry the color will fade, so add slightly more so that you achieve a rich green shade.

3. Take the pretzel stick and dip it into the green chocolate.

4. Place the almond slice on the tip of the pretzel rod, slightly wedging it into the melted chocolate. This creates the witch’s nail.

5. Dry on parchment or wax paper. When almost dry, cut a knuckle into the finger. Three small slices per knuckle, and two knuckles per finger.

6. Serve in a spooky cup, and have a Happy Halloween.

Halloween is a time for spooky fun and food, and what better to satisfy our holiday cravings than with a wickedly good sweet and salty treat?   Stirring up a cauldron of fun and bones, our Mystery Chef is back with yet another boneyard party creation -  Witch Fingers-  simple and tasty, as our Mystery Chef does best, with only pretzel rods, sliced almonds, white chocolate and food coloring.  

Your guests will think you’re pretty clever when you serve up these severed fingers:  Set the spooky stage simply:  Melt a package of white melting chocolate in a microwave, 15 seconds at a time until smooth and dipping consistency.  Add green food coloring to a rich green shade (note that the color will fade as the mixture dries).  Take each pretzel stick and dip into the green chocolate.  Place an almond slice on the tip of the pretzel (the fingernail) into the melted chocolate. Set to dry on waxed paper or parchment paper.  When almost dry, cut knuckles into the finger (you can use your own hand as a model).  Serve fingers in a spooky cup and watch the expression on your guests as they crunch witch bones!

Sweet and Salty Wicked Witch Fingers
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