In some instances nothing is more elegant than this simple, all white two tiered wedding cake. It can also make a perfect anniversary or birthday cake as well.

We're going to turn this into a little mini wedding cake. For a mini wedding cake, we're just going to need all our white frosting. And I'm going to use a larger tip this time. This is a round tip, a number eight. The number eight works well. Number seven or number eight. I probably wouldn't go any higher than that. And we're going to pipe our borders.

This is going to be a quick little pearl border like a string of pearls right down the edge. As I pipe, I'm applying pressure and I'm breaking away. I'm starting at the base of the case because you always want to start at the bases when you're actually making your borders because you don't want your top border to be bigger than your bottom border.

Now, I'm going to work now on this other bottom border. So I've got the bottom border there. I'm going to do the bottom border of my top here. This is when you can decide, as you're going, if you really, really want to do a top border on your other tiers or not. Sometimes when you're decorating, things just kind of come to you. So you might have a plan in mind, but it's OK to be flexible, to say, you know what? Less is more. I think I'm going to stop here. So never be afraid of that. Or the opposite, you can always add more to it. But you want to make sure that your cake does not look choppy and too and just too over the top. Decorating is more, less is more.

So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to do a quick little top border, and I'm going to actually do something pretty fancy, It's just called a reverse pearl border. So what we're going to do is I'm actually going to do kind of like y's if you will. So I'm going to actually start piping y's in a frosting mode in a border mode. So I'm going to start here, go to one side, go to the next side, just like that. And it's just like making little y's, and it looks like a little braided border. Again, it's one of those little tricks that just makes your cake stand out from anyone else's cakes. And they say, wow, how did you do that? Just tell them that you just made little y's.

So as you're piping and you're decorating your cake, you're going to be thinking about what you're going to apply on next. When you're looking at it, you're going to want to think about what you're going to want to cover. As you literally have your face into this cake, you're going to want to cover it. Let's do the top here just like that, and then make it a little bit smaller just like that.

The great thing with wedding cakes is that everything that you put on it usually is done in white. It gives it that nice, traditional look. This is great, too, if it was a 50th anniversary, you'd had a little bit of gold dragees, or you'd add some gold leaves. If it was a silver 25th anniversary, you could add the silver. Or you could also make it into a birthday cake, too. Stack cakes have many different uses.

Now, we're going to add a little bit of scrollwork. I'm going to go with a smaller tip. We're going to make sideways s's. So I'm just going to stand to the side here just to show you. But if you think about when you're writing, you don't want to go write top to bottom. You're going to go across the cake. You're going to take this, and you go across just like that. Just like that. And then you're going to [? do the ?] bottom.

And all I'm doing is I'm making sideways s's with a smaller tip, which is a number five. I'm going to go back to it, too, because when you're piping sideways, it gets a little tricky sometimes. Your frosting will break away from you. That's OK, because what you're going to do is you're going to go back and you're just going to clean it up by adding little pearl drops like that, if you see that. A little pearl drop. I'll go this way so you see it completed.

And again, decorating is great because you can add your pearl drops whatever you feel needs it. Like right there, I'm not really happy with, so I'm going to actually pipe right over that, and you don't even notice it afterwards.

We've got our base and our sides of our wedding cake decorated, so now we're going to actually make the garnish on top, which is going to be a bunch of buttercream roses. In order to give that finished look of being piled high, instead of piling up all your hard work and making your roses, you're going to put some frosting right in the middle to give it your height there. A little trick.

The rose tip that we're using is a number 104. Our rose tip has a thick and a thin edge. We're going to use the thick edge and put it right onto our dowel, and what we're going to do is we're going to pipe a cone. I'm right handed, so I use my dowel in my left hand and I pipe with my right. I put my elbows to my body, and I'm actually going to pipe out the cone just like that. This is the point of your rose that you need to have. This has to be sitting on your dowel securely or your rose will not come out.

Then we're going to pipe rainbows. Starting from the left to right, we're going to pipe the rainbow, and we're going to do three going right around the cone. When I pipe my rainbow on it, I went down a little bit on that dowel, up to the cone. So what I want to do is do layers, a layer effect. So now I'm going to do the second layer of rainbows. Go right down just like that, and I'm literally making individual rainbows. You can make these as big as you want or as small as you want. Your frosting will tell you if it gets too big because it'll start to droop off.

In my right hand, I'm going to hold the scissors against the dowel and I'm going to twist my dowel down, pulling it down, so I give my rose that definition that it needs. Take back and start at the bottom, let it sit at an angle against my piped frosting that I have there. And I'm going to repeat. I'm going to pipe my cone, pipe my rainbows, and make my rose.

Now these roses, when you're doing these, if you wanted to get ahead of the game, you can always make your roses and put them on parchment paper on a plate and put them in the refrigerator so they harden. So when you're ready to use them, you can pick them up and put them right onto your cake. It doesn't have to be decorated right onto the cake. These roses are so much fun to make.

After you get the hang of it, you can whip them up so quick. Your friends and your family are going to be totally amazed. I know that everyone, when I'm making them, people just stop and their jaws drop and they say, how do you do that? It's amazing how fast you can do it. Sometimes it takes hundreds of roses in order to get that fast, but one rose at a time. And it may look like I'm just not even stopping and I'm actually just doing circles. And in a way, you kind of do make little circles as you get going and as you pick up speed.

That could be one rose. You don't have to go as big. If you're feeling a little nervous, you can stop there and just put that right on top, and it just makes a different size. So like every snowflake is different, every rose can be different, too. And this is always the most popular part of a cake is all the roses. For those out there that actually love frosting, your mouths are drooling right now saying, I want to have a piece of that because this is the best part.

When you stack a cake, you definitely want to refrigerate it before you even think about moving it. The cake itself, the frosting is soft in between. You need that glue, that frosting, to adhere and stick together because when you're putting it into your car and you're bringing it someplace, you're going all the bumps and all the potholes out there. So you need this cake to be secure. So it's in your best interest to do it in advance. The cake will stay absolutely fresh and moist. There's no reason. There's no worries.

Now I'm going to put my leaf on, and then I'm going to fill in the gaps with white leaves. You can add a color. It can be colored, or it could be just white, just like this. Just add little leaves falling down. And this is a perfect mini wedding cake or an anniversary cake, or you can pop candles in it and it can be a beautiful birthday cake. So there's your stacked cake.

Two Tiered Wedding Cake
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