Cupcake pullaways are very popular alternatives to cakes when serving groups of people, especially kids. They are easy to pull apart and do not require a knife or other utensils.

Cupcakes are the big trend right now going on, whether it's for kid's birthday parties, an office party or a birthday cake. I want to show you at home how you can actually make a cupcake pullaway. And what that is is cupcakes that are formed together to make an Elmo face, a heart, if it's any kind of a Batman theme, and the cupcakes are going to be put together to resemble that. It's a great thing to use when you're having a party because there's no mess.

So let me show you how to go ahead and make one for Valentine's Day. You're going to take little miniature cupcakes, and we're going to assemble them on a board so they look like a heart. Taking frosting, do a template first of what your heart's going to look like. So you're going to take your cupcake, and you're just going to do the outer part of the heart, and you're going to form your heart cupcake.

And what I'm doing is I'm taking the butter cream, and I'm squirting it on the bottom of the cupcake to use it to adhere. Because frosting a cake is difficult enough, but when you're frosting cupcakes, you need to kind of have them all together, and they can't be sliding all over your board. So this frosting acts like a glue. I've already figured that I'm going to need about 25 cupcakes. I'm using mini cupcakes, and the mini cupcakes worked really, really well with this type of design.

So our cupcakes have been sitting in the refrigerator for about an hour. They're nice and chilled. What we're going to do is we're going to pipe, with a piping bag, red frosting around the outside of the cupcakes. Now, when you're using your food coloring, there's many different types of food color that you can buy if you're at the grocery store or at any craft store. There's food coloring that's liquid. Food color that's a gel. There's also a powdered version of food coloring.

Our frosting is a butter cream frosting so it's made with real butter, and we like to use the gel type of food coloring. That way the food coloring absorbs into your frosting, so it doesn't leave those little tiny red marks that you may get if you used a powered. I'm using an offset spatula spreading the frosting right around. This is great for school parties for your kids to bring into the classroom because this one's for Valentine's Day. And also, the teachers can just kind of pull right apart the cupcake, and there's no knives, no mess.

After I have spread out my frosting, I'm going to take my offset spatula, and I'm going to smooth it out. And as I'm doing this, I'm going to be breaking away the air bubbles that get created in any kind of frosting, which is completely natural. So you use your offset and you clean it in between. So I'm scraping off the frosting, and then I'm using the side of my bowl, and I'm just scraping it down. And sometimes, I take my finger and I just wipe the sides just like that, so it will be clean, and I won't make a mess. You almost become one with the spatula. It becomes an extension of your finger. So you need to understand and learn how much pressure you're applying to the offset so you remove enough of the frosting.

The tips come in different numbers. So there's round tips, and there's scalloped tips, and one's for roses as well. This is a round tip, and this is a number five tip. It's definitely a great tip to have if you're going to be going out and buying some tools for cake decorating. You want to get yourself a nice assortment of different size, in same shape, but different sizes. And I highly recommend the number five.

Now, I'm going to outline this heart caked with red frosting just to give it some definition. So starting at the center part of my heart, I'm just going to pipe a line, and it's just going to go right around. And I'm using the outside edge of my red food coloring to guide me. You may wonder how the heck you can actually turn the wheel and pipe at the same time, but the more you do it, the more it becomes very easy and very natural to do. So I've got my left hand on my wheel, and I'm just piping with my right hand.

Now, I'm going to do one more thing. I'm going to add it with a little bit of white to it. And this one, I'm actually using a number three tip. Very similar to the number five, but it's just a smaller opening. And when you're decorating, you'd want to use assorted tips on one type of cake to actually give that nice look that you'll have.

I'm going to pipe small little white hearts along the edge of this. So I'm going to take my little white bag, make one little squeeze of the frosting and then angle it and do one other one. And then I'll do it again. Pipe once. Let go. Breakaway, then pipe again. So make little hearts. These cupcake pullaways, I've seen so many different types around. They are so much fun to do, and the heart is a perfect way to start.

Now, the next thing we're going to do is we're going to make an inscription on this. We'll use the same bag, and we'll write with frosting. So I'm going to write Be My Valentine. The great thing about these cupcake-- pullaway cakes, is that there's no mess when it comes time to cutting and serving. So you can bring these to a birthday party, if it's outside, a kid's birthday party at the YMCA, and you don't want to have to bring a knife, and you're concerned, the cupcake pullaways are perfect.

Just to make this Be My Valentine pop off of this, I'm going to actually go over this in chocolate. And it's just that added touch when you're decorating, just these little things that we can do, that just make people just say, whoa, that looks great. I could never believe that you could actually make this, or your inscription is fantastic.

And when you write with chocolate, it's great because if you're writing and all of a sudden you mess up and you spell the word wrong or the chocolate goes to the other side, you don't need to panic. Pop the cake right into the refrigerator, let the chocolate harden, and then take a steak knife and just pop the chocolate right off the cake. It's not going to leave an impression on your cake, and it's easier and more convenient when you're actually writing when you make a mistake because you can remove it. Whereas, frosting becomes a little bit more difficult. So when you're a beginner, writing in chocolate is the best.

And you've got Be My Valentine. And then, I'm just going to finish it up by adding some conversation hearts. So these are just regular little candies. Just add a little bit of color to it. And I'm just placing them right in between each of my piped hearts that I did. So there you go. Piece of cake. This is a great easy way to make something for your kids for school, for a birthday party. And trust me, once you learn to do this, your eyes will open, you're going to see a whole world of cake decorating that you just thought that you'd never be able to do. So I encourage you to give it a try. Enjoy.

Valentines Cupcake Cake
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