White chocolate pieces as needed


1. You're going to need a piece of parchment paper. Cut the piece of parchment down the middle and then cut strips that are 2" w x 6" h.
2. Line up your strips on another piece of parchment paper. Once you've melted your white chocolate, fill up your spoon with the white chocolate and spoon the white chocolate over each strip.
3. Take your off-set spatula and hold down your first strip with your finger and smooth the white chocolate over it. Repeat this for each strip. You will need 9-12 loops for an 8" cake, but make more in case you break some.
4. Lift each strip and hold from underneath. Rest the strip on its belly and put the ends together. Sit the loop on its side so that it can harden. Tip: You can make these white chocolate loops 2 days in advance or a week in advance. Store them at room temperature.
5. Once your loops are made and have hardened, peel off the parchment paper by putting your finger inside the loop (be gentle) and then grab the parchment paper on the end and pull away. Tip: Don't apply too much pressure when pulling off. You don't want to snap the loop. Pull slowly to make sure all the parchment paper comes off.
6. Set aside your biggest loop for the top.
7. Put a small mound of buttercream on top of the cake where your loops will rest and secure to.
8. Add 4 white chocolate loops pointing toward the corners of your cake.
9. Add another 4 loops inside to fill and add a little more buttercream as you go so your loops have something to stick to and stay in place.
10. Add the next 3 loops and position them where you see fit.
11. Take your last white chocolate loop and place it right on top.

There you have a beautiful Tiffany's Box cake! Another piece of cake!

Courtesy of Kelly Delaney, Cakes For Occasions, 2010.

This bow is easier to make if you have a little patience and some parchment paper. It goes on top of a wide assortment of gift cakes such as this Tiffany Box Cake.

Your Tiffany's box with lid is made, but every box needs a pretty white bow. The instructions will teach you how to make white chocolate loops that will be used to form your bow on top.

White Chocolate Bows
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